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Components library Ranet OLAP

is intended for creating full-featured business intelligence applications (RIA, Rich Internet Applications) based on the Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services platform

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Using OLAP lets you find out:

  • Why one month’s sales were better than another month’s sales?
  • Which product your Sales department selling the most of?
  • The number of employees by department?
  • Where your company’s profitability comes from on a per store basis?

Products Controls

Pivot Grid

The Pivot Grid control shows a summary table which is a result of running the MDX query.

MDX Designer

The MDX control creating interactive reports based on Microsoft Analysis Services cube data.

Date Parameter

This control is intended for selecting a date from a cube time dimension on a calendar form.

Member choice

The Member Choice control serves for selecting one or a number of cube dimension elements.

Level choice control

This control is used for selecting a level in the cube hierarchy.

Measure choice

This control is intended for selecting a cube measure.

KPI choice

Is intended for selecting a Key Performance Indicator for cube.

KPI Viewer

The KPI Viewer control shows Key Performance Indicators (KPI) defined in the cube, and their basic values at certain time.

Other Visual Controls

Component library Ranet.UILibrary.OLAP contains many other components with different functions.

Products Features


Out-of-the-box functionality saves time

Thanks to the out-of-the-box features and the built-in user interface in Ranet OLAP, you can develop and deploy a complete BI-solution with interactive OLAP and data visualization features without writing a single line of code.

Interactive, drag-and-drop user interface accelerates discovery of data trends

No matter what business you are in, Ranet OLAP will allow your users to find new trends in their data. A single connection can generate tens of table variations with simple mouse clicks.

Export / Import settings, snapshots of data

Ranet OLAP features robust deployment architecture with no run-time royalties. You and your users can save and load various aspects of the view such as layouts and card configurations without ever recompiling the hosting application and at no extra costs.


Numerous ways to rank and sort data

With the built-in context menus in Ranet OLAP, users can sort their data in many different ways. They can sort and rank members in ascending or descending order, by caption, key or any field they select. When the user applies sorting to a field, a sort indicator displays on the field to remind them that a custom sort operation is set.

Powerful built-in data filters for fast analysis

Filtering data is an essential element of any data analysis experience. Ranet OLAP is built to ensure that every conceivable way to filter data is available by default with no configuration necessary. Simply place the control on a Silverlight form, add data, and your users are immediately able to begin drilling into their data and filtering results to show only the data that are most important to their analysis goals.

Conditional Formatting

Summary table Ranet OLAP allows you to display values ​​based settings appearance of cells that are defined in the cube or MDX-query (FORMAT_STRING, BACK_COLOR, FORE_COLOR, FONT and so on). However, if necessary, the user can call the designer of cell styles and formatting to define the conditions according to their own needs. Style settings can be saved and loaded from the server when needed re-use.

Excel export allows to share analysis results

Allow your users to take the analysis they perform within your application and put it into a format that they can use. Excel exports allow them to perform additional analysis and what-if scenarios, and to share the results with people who do not have access to the data.

Easy-to-use User Interface

You can create a predefined report via configuration; define columns, rows, values, and filters to get exact data you need immediately after the Pivot Table is opened. You can easily rearrange fields and configure any report on UI using “Report Designer” area with drag-and-drop.

Drill Down/Up and Drill Through

The Drill Down, Drill Up, and Drill Through functions give the user the maximum possibilities for detailed data analysis.

Description Ranet OLAP

Library Ranet OLAP substantially accelerates development of the business intelligence (BI) applications and ensures efficient work with multidimensional data over the Internet.

For the developer

For the developer (vendors of business software and automated enterprise management departments of client enterprises), library Ranet OLAP is a powerful out-of-the-box solution for building ergonomic user interfaces for web applications.

For the users

For the users (company leaders and business analysts), the applications created using Ranet OLAP are efficient tools allowing to view data from different perspectives, discover business development trends that were previously unnoticed or seemed nonessential.

  • The library completely covers the need for Rich Internet Application (RIA) components for the Analysis Services, i.e. the use of Ranet OLAP offers all advantages of traditional desktop applications while working through a web browser.
  • Visual elements of the applications created using Ranet OLAP satisfy the needs of users with various levels of knowledge and skill.
  • It is possible to create a report interactively by dragging and dropping elements from the pivot grid or by defining a complex query in MDX language, to produce most efficient solutions.
  • Using Drill Down and Drill Up operations, the analyst can navigate from the summary to the detailed data view or vise versa.
  • The Drill Through mode allows to go from the aggregate analysis of the indicator values to analysis of the records on which the indicator is based.
  • The users can simulate various situations using the writeback functionality for writing the data back to the OLAP cube.
  • The writeback functionality ensures recalculation of the indicators in just few seconds, which is important for business planning and budgeting tasks.
  • The report parameters can be saved on the server, to make them accessible at any time, even while working from a different location.
  • The functionality of the solution is easily adaptable to the specifics of business processes of the enterprise in any sector of economy, it is easy to buildup or integrate with the heritage systems or systems from other vendors.
  • The companies can substantially reduce risks connected with consolidation of reports from remote branches.


Optime uses Ranet OLAP for planning functionality in Optime3 product suite. Business planning is one of the most important management information functions, but lack of simple and reliable tools often complicates this process. Combination of Analysis Services mdx calculations flexibiklity and RANET mdx-based planning forms results in a highly configurable but still simple planning solution.

Rein Parelo

Partner at Optime

We are using RANET OLAP as core of our 4PLAN „Electric Eye“ Product. As part of the 4PLAN Controlling Solutions Family, 4PLAN Electric Eye is our tool to perform ad hoc analysis with microsoft analysis services.

It’s main focuses are flexibility, performance and ease of use. With RANET OLAP we found a user-friendly silverlight 5.0 control to “drag-and-drop” high-performance MDX queries and grid-results with sophisticated pivot and drill-down functionality. Based on RANET OLAP, 4PLAN Electric Eye offers great animated charting, report management and collaboration functions that are used by our customers every day.

Hanns-Dirk Brinkmann

General Manager, Software4You


What’s New in Ranet OLAP 3.1

Whats new 3.1.793 minor improvements Export to Excel fixed a bug in the copy Sheets in Mdx Dynamic and other changes Whats new 3.1.792 Optimized export to Excel / XML for large data Added the function of processing the cube (in Options dialog) Fixed timeout exception View version information (in Options dialog) and other changes […]


What’s New in Ranet OLAP 2.5 – Updated MDX Designer

In build Updated MDX Designer and there were new parameters affecting the algorithm to generate MDX query. All the resulting SET function on the axes are framed NONEMPTY ([SET], {measures}) SUBSET now includes a NONEMPTY () If the report is selected to set ONE Hierarchy, and in it the elements at different levels, it will […]



Chrome blocks Silverlight plugin by default now

Microsoft Silverlight may not work in recent versions of Google Chrome. To continue working with Ranet OLAP, please use an alternative browser Internet Explorer. Google in the first phase blocked plugins from running in Chrome but allowed users to re-enable them directly in the browser. More information can be found here: Chrome Help Microsoft Support


Sparkline in Pivot Grid

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Ranet OLAP was developed from the ground up using Microsoft’s .NET application development framework. Ranet OLAP is pure Silverlight and was written specifically for SQL Server Analysis Services with support for SQL Server.

Ranet OLAP supports SQL Server 2005 and 2008.Ranet OLAP is also flexible when it comes to accessing your data.Generating its own MDX code, Ranet.OLAP can display data from SQL Server Analysis Services cubes, whether these are MOLAP, ROLAP, or HOLAP cubes.Ranet OLAP can also generate SQL queries that can drill back through SQL Server to the original source data in data marts, data warehouses, and operational systems like CRM and ERP.

Ranet OLAP  was written in C# using Microsoft Visual Studio as the integrated development environment.

To transmit data between a server and web application is used JSON (an acronym for JavaScript Object Notation pronounced) a lightweight text-based open standard designed for human-readable data interchange, serving as an alternative to XML.The JSON standard has no provision for data compression, interning of strings, or object references. In Ranet OLAP the JSON formatted data compressed, query result compressed tenfold.

Custom development and consulting services

Our development team has wide technical skills and experience in OLAP and BI solutions and custom made applications.

We can provide service at any or all phase of the product lifecycle, and can do so at very competitive cost.

Galaktikasoft custom solutions enable our customers to focus on their business with the assurance of a well-designed and fast to market OLAP and BI solution.

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