Member Choice - Ranet OLAP

The Member Choice control serves for selecting one or a number of cube dimension members. It is possible to select one of the members belonging to one hierarchy at different levels. It is possible to select both folders and list members. By default, all dimension hierarchy levels are accessible for selection, however the user can limit the set by one specific level.

Properties of dimension members are accessible in the selection window. It significantly simplifies finding the required members for the user.

Functions that make convenient multiple selection are accessible from the context menu. For example, it is possible to select the current member and all members existing at the same level as the current member, or select subordinate memberss, etc. In so doing, an expression using the respective functions of the MDX language (Children, Descendants, etc.) will be generated, rather than making a list of selected members).

As a result of the selection, an MDX expression is generated, which can be viewed in the Selected tab.

It is possible to search for dimension members for selection using parameters determined by the user. The Find tab is intended for determining the parameters for searching dimension members and showing search results.