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  1. All commercial licenses provide the ability to use the binary packages in your commercial product. For Single Application OEM Royalty Free License the Source Code provided free of charge. For other types of licenses the source code is available for a surcharge.
  2. The PRODUCT vendor refers to our customer who use Ranet.UILibrary.OLAP in his proprietary software and want to convey it without being bound by GPL restrictions.
  3. We do not provide licenses on developer end-user count basis. All licenses allow any number of developers.
  4. First year support is included in Single Company, SaaS and OEM licenses. To prolong support you need to renew your licenses with discount.

Custom development

If you require the development of a custom application, you may conduct that development yourself or alternatively you may contract with our development organization to conduct the custom development on your behalf.
Basic custom development cost is:

  • $35 per hour if it is repeatedly used code which we can publish and license to our other customers
  • $45 per hour in other cases

Please specify more details about your needs. Some of them may be implemented free of charge.

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