Changes and Improvements in Xafari 13.2.702
Chrome Blocks Silverlight Plugin by Default
Coming Soon in Ranet for HTML 5.7.150. DrillThrough and Cell Context Menu
Coming Soon in Xafari Framework 012/013
Holiday season brings discounts
Holiday Season Discount
In-Memory Analytics with Ranet OLAP
New Build - Ranet OLAP
New build: Xafari 010.1013
New build: Xafari 010.994
New Build: Xafari 011.1110
New build: Xafari 011.1155 (BETA)
New Build: Xafari 011.1189
New Build: Xafari 011.1216
New Build: Xafari 011.1238
New Build: Xafari 011.1264
New Build: Xafari 011.1267
New Build: Xafari 011.1311
New Build: Xafari 17.2.3011.1336
New Build: Xafari 17.2.4011.1345
New Build: Xafari 17.2.5011.1402
New Build: Xafari 17.2.6011.1440
New Build: Xafari 17.2.7011.1444
New Build: Xafari 18.1.4011.1493
New Build: Xafari 18.1.4011.1510
New Build: Xafari 18.1.5011.1520
New Build: Xafari 18.1.6011.1540
New Build: Xafari 18.1.7011.1563
New Build: Xafari 18.2.3011.2030
New Build: Xafari 18.2.4011.2042
New Build: Xafari 18.2.5011.2053
New Build: Xafari 18.2.6011.2064
New Build: Xafari Framework 17.1.2022
New build: Xafari x010.542
New build: Xafari x010.601
New build: Xafari x010.745
New build: Xafari x010.815
New build: Xafari x010.860
New build: Xafari x010.897
New build: Xafari x010.954
New build: Xafari x08.509
New build: Xafari x08.574
New build: Xafari x08.609
New build: Xafari x08.626
New build: Xafari x08.651
New build: Xafari x08.692
New build: Xafari x08.709
New build: Xafari x08.747
New build: Xafari x08.805
New in Ranet OLAP for HTML 5.7.150. Pivot Charts
New product Xafari Dock Panels
New Ranet OLAP Pivot Table is to be Released Soon
New Release - Xafari x06 Beta
New release Xafari x07
New Release: Xafari 13.2.805
New Release: Xafari 14.1.505
New Release: Xafari 14.1.605
New Release: Xafari 14.1.705
New Release: Xafari x05
New Version: Ranet OLAP HTML5 Pivot Table 5.7.225
New Xafari Framework - Xafari x10 - is Soon to be Released
New Xafari x06 is Released
New Xafari x07 build
New Xafari x08 build
New Xafari x08 build
Preparing Xafari x07 for DX 14.2
Ranet 3.7.288 is Released
Ranet OLAP is Available for Download
Ranet OLAP 3.7.346 is Released
Ranet OLAP Integration with SharePoint
Ranet OLAP MDX Designer - New Version
Ranet OLAP Pivot Table is Released
Release Date for Version Xafari x06
Release of Xafari x07 is Postponed
Release Xafari x07
What's New in Ranet OLAP Build
What's New in Build Ranet OLAP
What's New in Build Ranet OLAP
What's New in Build Ranet OLAP
What's New in build Ranet.UILibrary.Olap-
What's New in Ranet HTML Pivot Table 5.7.150
What's New in Ranet OLAP
What's New in Ranet OLAP
What's New in Ranet OLAP
What's New in Ranet OLAP 2.5 - KPI Support
What's New in Ranet OLAP 2.5 - Updated MDX Designer
What's New in Ranet OLAP 3.1
What's new Xafari x07 on the DevExpress 14.2
Xafari 14.2.507.110 is Released
Xafari 14.2.507.114 is Released
Xafari 14.2.607.122 is Released
Xafari Framework Expert Blog
Xafari MVC: Better Performance Retaining Functionality
Xafari x010 is Officially Released
Xafari x010 Release
Xafari x011. What to Expect
Xafari x07 on DevExpress 14.2.5
Xafari x08 beta release
Xafari x08 final release
Ranet OLAP Blog
4 Reasons To Use Web-based Pivot Tables
6 Rules Of Effective KPI Analysis
Ad-hoc Reporting Solutions in Data Analysis
Advantages Of Using OLAP for Business Intelligence
Applying Top Pivot Table Hierarchy Filter in Ranet OLAP
ASP.NET Pivot Table Overview
Big Data Analytics with OLAP and Hadoop
Business Intelligence
Case Study: Ranet OLAP for Project and Portfolio Management Solution
Custom Calculations in Ranet OLAP Pivot Tables
Data Warehousing and OLAP: definitions, features and difference
DAX Query Generator for Intel in Ranet OLAP
Drill down and Drill through Analysis with examples
Editing Data in Ranet OLAP Pivot Grid
ETL in Data Mining
ETL tools and OLAP correlation
Expand-Collapse Algorithm Modes in Ranet OLAP 3.7
Frontend Customization with Ranet OLAP HTML Pivot Table
Heat Maps for Data Visualization in Ranet OLAP
How to Choose a Data Analysis Tool for Your Business
How to Create Custom Calculations in Ranet OLAP
How To Export And Import Pivot Table Report Settings in Ranet OLAP
How to Write a Custom MDX Calculations in Ranet OLAP
Integrating Ranet UI in a WinForms Application
MDX members, sets and tuples
MDX Parser in Ranet OLAP
MDX Query Builder in Ranet OLAP
Member Group Modes In Ranet OLAP UI For WPF
MOLAP - Multidimensional OLAP
Multidimensional Expressions
New version of Ranet OLAP HTML5 Pivot Table 5.7.225
OLAP and Business Intelligence
OLAP and query language: how to write OLAP queries
OLAP Basics and Multidimensional Model. Overview of Online Analytical Processing Technology
OLAP Cubes
OLAP Glossary
OLAP implementation
OLAP Operations in Data Mining
OLAP performance
OLAP Security
OLAP Technology and Tools in Data Mining
OLTP and OLAP difference
On-demand reports: why are they relevant?
Overriding Ranet OLAP Pivot Table Backend Using API
Pivot Table Data Analysis Commands in Ranet OLAP
Pivot Table Filters in Ranet OLAP
Pivot Table Report Settings Storage in Ranet OLAP
Ranet for HTML 5.7.150. Sorting Data in the Pivot Table
Ranet OLAP Dashboard
Ranet OLAP Find Tab
Ranet OLAP MDX Designer. Change Filter
Ranet OLAP MDX Designer. Custom Calculation Editor
Ranet OLAP Pivot Grid Control. Sizing, Scrolling and Orientation
Ranet OLAP Pivot Grid Overview
Ranet OLAP Pivot Grid. Cell Properties
Ranet OLAP Pivot Grid. Drill Through
Ranet OLAP Pivot Grid. Members group
Ranet OLAP Pivot Grid. Show MDX Query
Ranet OLAP Pivot Grid. SSAS Writeback table
Ranet OLAP Pivot Grid. Style Designer
Ranet OLAP Pivot Table Cell Styles Designer
Ranet OLAP Pivot Table Commands
Ranet OLAP Pivot Table Sorting Option
Ranet OLAP Pivot Table. Show Properties
Ranet OLAP Technical requirements
Ranet OLAP Technology Stack
Ranet OLAP UI for WPF. What to Expect in Future Builds
Ranet OLAP Visual Controls Overview
Ranet OLAP: A Beginner’s Guide to BI Software
Sparkline in Pivot Grid in Ranet OLAP
Using Cube Action in Ranet OLAP Pivot Grid
Using Pivot Tables in SQL Server
Using Sparklines in Ranet OLAP UI for WPF
Ways to Visualize Your Business Data in Ranet OLAP
We Released Ranet OLAP Pivot Table for HTML5
Web Analytics and Business Intelligence
Web-based OLAP Overview
Web-based Pivot Table: definition, features and reasons to use
What Are Measures And Dimensions In OLAP Cube
What are Pivot Tables
What If Analysis in Ranet OLAP Pivot Table
What is SaaS? SaaS definition and meaning with examples
Xafari Framework Blog
About Non-Persistent Domain Components
About Non-persistent Domain Components. Part 2: Many-To-Many
Accelerate XAF Application on Oracle Database 40 Times
An Example of Using Command Line Utility RunCmd
Application settings in the example application Xafari Northwind
Approaches to Enumerating Business Objects in XPO-based Applications. Xafari Numerators
ASP.NET MVC Framework Overview
ASPx Card List Editor
ASPx Google Maps Property Editor
ASPx Group Property Editor
ASPx Quick Choice Property Editor
Business Objects Data Extension with Xafari Dock Panels
Command-Line Utility Performing Xafari Module Functions
Design-Time Features
DevExpress XAF: express application framework for business app development
DevExpress: company and products overview
EAM vs CMMS: aren’t they the same thing?
EAM vs ERP: partners or competitors?
Enterprise asset management system
Entity Factory. How to Design Complex Systems?
Enum Property Editor
ERP implementation: reasons, tips and why do we need it
ERP system: how it works, main characteristics, features and functions
Everything you should know about Application Framework
Explorer List Editor
Expression. End-User Capabilities
Expression. Extend Functionality
Expression. Getting Started
Folder Browser Property Editor
Generating Complex Cross Reports
Hierarchical Data Implementation
Hierarchy Node List Editor
How we Number Xafari Framework Builds
Hyper Link Property Editor
IHierarchyNode. Performance Comparison
Label Property Editor
Multiple Selection with CheckBox
PeriodStruct Property Editor
Progress Bar Property Editor
Roadmap for Xafari Version x06
Scalable XAF Application Server
Supplied Editors
Tabbed Detail Property Editor
Type Image Property Editor
Using Dock Panels
Using Enum Property Editor
Vertical Grid Property Editor
View Id Property Editor
Web Editors Templates
What are the Main ERP Components and Modules?
Who are the primary users of erp systems?
Working with Xafari (x07) Message Queue
Workplace Module
Xafari Application Starter
Xafari Audit Module. Getting Started
Xafari Date Property Editor
Xafari Dock Panels. Concept and Advantages
Xafari Grid List Editor
Xafari Logic Controller
Xafari Multiple Lookup Property Editor
Xafari Server Performance
Xafari Smart Design
Xafari Tree List Editor

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Deployment on iis
Adding Application Pool
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System requirements
Traditional analytics
Ranet OLAP
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Pivot table component for web reporting
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Ranet OLAP for WPF and Silverlight Download
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Ranet OLAP KPI Viewer Control
Ranet OLAP Level Choice Control
Ranet OLAP Measure Choice Control
Ranet OLAP Member Choice Control
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Ranet OLAP Pivot Table for HTML5 Download
Ranet OLAP Pivot Table for HTML5. How to start
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Support center
14.2 support?
14.2.7xx Version of XAFARI
Accelarotr, how make it work
Accelator - after runnin nothink change
Accelerator in winApplication error
Action by timer
Action Security with new PermissionPolicyRole
Actions in Arms
activating licence
Activating Xafari
Activation Error
Add controls to Toolbox VS2010
Add Dynamic Properties from SimpleAction
Add support for collections in BCSettings module
Add Visibility/Enabled to Appearance Module
Adding arm’s permission access
Adding Dockpanels doubles Standard actions
After installing the new version Ranet 3.7 there are no source code examples
After Upgrading to 15.1.4 ERROR
aggregateAction confirmationMessage
AllowEmptyPasswords key
An item with the 'ModelRuleRequiredField'
API: Add item to Cols, Rows or Filters
Apply XafariViewLayoutStrategy to entire assembly
AppStarter source code
ArgumentNullException + CustomNumerator + Web
Arms - Documentation not correct - no samples
ARMs for Web, Template Issue, v15.1.708.509
ArmsMainForm in French
ASPxGroup child property editors disabled
ASPXGroup with persistent entity exception
ASPxGroupPropertyEditor question
ASPxXafariDoublePropertyEditor inline edit mode
ASPxXafariGridListEditor Batch Edit Issue
Assign step in Wizard back event
Attachments is not working in Xafari
AutoRefresh does not work
AutoRefresh on 16.1.2022 gives error on listview
Back Office solution with Xafari compenents
BC Demo - Audit data
BC Demo - Audit data, containing collections
BC_NumeratorValue locking issue
BO parameters validation
Branches Example Request
Branches in web-applications
Branches naming
Branches with XPO
BUG in DomainLogicBase.RefreshPropertyStore
bugs on DetailView generation
Bulk edit - editable fields
Bulk edit example needed
Bulk edit specific fields
Bulk/MassEdit Question
BusinessOperationManager Close button
BusinessOperations in console error!!!
Can I connect to SAP BW
Can I use local html as context help?
Can not load Model into Editor any more ;-(
Can Safari Model editor display class namespaces
Can t build DC Based Security Getting Started
Can you provide a example about Data Management
Can't download free trial of Xafari x06
Can't open Model
Cannot download attach from "How used XPWeakReferenceStruct"
Categories+TabbedMDI=duplicate actions
Categories+TabbedMDI=duplicated actions v2
Change default Administrator and User roles names
Change object value between wizard steps
Changing a setting HTML5 Olap
Changing Authentication Type produces error
chart Export to excel-Ranet
CheckAction does not invoke checked_change event
CheckAction does not invoke checked_change event 2
CheckAction does not invoke checked_change event 3
Clear Operation log creates error
Confirmation Messages for Aggregate Action
Connection String
connection to sqlserver 2012 using msolap
Console Application
Context Help
control generation of Numerator
convert an existing xaf application to Xafari
Create a new VerticalGridEditor View for an object
Create default Roles
Create report with saved parameters from the code
cube change according to saved report- RANET
Data expand
Data Management (Import and Export)
database and Souce code ?
DatabaseUsersettings not working
DefaultProperty for IDCSecuritySystemUser
demo for report server not working
Demo projects are sometimes in Russian Language
Deploy predefined report
Detailview vs DockPanel
dev. version
DevExpress 16.25 - released Xafari 16.2.2022
DevExpress 18.2.6 Update
Devexpress aspxgridview clientside event override
Didnt manage to build sample solution
different Connection string
Disable ActiveDirectory with Xafari Security?
Disable ConfirmUnsavedChanges - Report Parameters
Disable ListViewCriteriaObjectCreatingController
Disabling docking functionality
Display Records Based on Login User
display(*) sign
Do you offer free support during the 30 day free trial period?
Docflow |Introduction not working
Docflow support
Dock panels
Dock Panels Example doesn't work
Dock Panels. Getting Started
Dockpanel behaivior
DockPanel cannot be shown
DockPanel changing size after undocking
DockPanel initial visibilty does not work.
DockPanel positions get lost
DockPanel positions get lost
Dockpanel seems undocked
Dockpanel Test
DockPanels can not be docked
DockPanels default placement in tabs
DockPanels removes expandbutton from layoutgroups
Documentation Link is Broken.
Documentation Location
Documentation on GridEditors
Documentation SSL Certificate expired or what?
Does the support system send emails
Does XAFARI include source code?
Doesn't refer assembly DevExpress.ExpressApp
Domain components a must?
Don't get the Xafari Modules in the Toolbox
Double INote Interface in Xafari.BC
Download 17.2.7011.1444 source code.
Download example
Download Link
Download the Product associated with my license
drill-through questions
Duplicating a Security Role
DynamicProperties in DC
Email Addresses with Expression Editor
Email errors
Email Sending in Xafari Feature
End-user scripting engine
enter key required instead of tab
Enum not supported for Web Grid in Batch Edit Mode
ERP Component question
ERP payroll process
Error after DevExpress Hotfix
Error in DateEditor PeriodFilterProperty
Error in Lookup relation NoForeignKey
Error in Massedit
Error in WebApplication after update components
Error in XAFARI when using Web SwitchToNewStyle
Error message when you start the demo versions
error on Northwind.DC demo
Error on startup
Error opening Wizard
Error using Xafari Hyperlink control
Error while access IDCUser's DetailView
Error with DC
Error with User or Admin Setting Window
Essbase connection issue
Example projects
Examples have errors
Exception Executing Aggregated Action
Exception using DockPanelTemplateContent.ascx
ExceptionBox functionality
Export on HTML5 OLAP
Export to excel is not working
Exported xml file is opening in excel format.
Extensions not visible in Application Model
extra filter text display incompletion
Feature center DockPanel module error
feature in xafari
FeatureCenter The evaluation period Xafari expired
FeatureCenter/DataShow bug
Fill Object by criteria not working
Filter ranetPivotMdxDesigner.jquery.html
Filtering LookupObjectType MultipleLookupr
Filtering the values between range (RANET)
Filtration of cube dimension attributes
First Use Xafari FrameWork and have question
FK Exception clearing Managed Operation Log
Future Center Demo Wizard
Get List of all BusinessOperations
Get source code
Getting values of PeriodFilter in code
Google Map Property editor issue
Group Captions is SmartDesign
HandsOn DEV help
HI, how can i get or download the source code?
HI, how can i get or download the source code?
HI,source code of RANET OLAP
HI,source code of version 17.2.6
Hiding Mdx Query options in tool (Ranet)
Hierarchy editor win drag'n'drop confirmation
HierarchyNode Example in docs
HotFix DX build broke MultiThreadValueManager
how convert your demo project in english
How do I add the Xafari modules to the toolbox?
How do I enable the toolbar
How to add the xafari modules
How to best implement numerators
how to buy
How to change Arms StartupArmItem In code?
how to chose license type
How to Convert XPO to XF
How to Customize PeriodStructPropertyEditor?
How to disable CustomAppearances Actions
How to download the latest xafari documentation?
How to download Xafari source codes?
HOw to export and import to excel
How to extend Branch with IXFEntityExtension
How to extend existing classes
How to filter records baased on the loggedin user
How to get the OwnerTargetKey + OwnerSupport
How to handle set value in DC Logic
How to have an settings value in a numerator?
How to implement a Xafari server
How to Initialize a role to ReadOnly ?
How to Integrate mapping capability
How to manage the text in popup's (Ranet )?
how to not set xafari as default property editor?
How to pass parameter to Sub report?
How to Persist data on a Domain Component?
How to prevent entering previous date
How to reference summary fields in sub report?
How to restrict a field
How to save to other one to many classes
How to see the Xafari Modules on the Toolbox?
How to set initial value for extra filter?
How to set relationCriteria for master panel
How to speedup Lookup ?
How to submit a confidential support ticket?
How to use <iframes> in XAF Web application
How to use DockPanel on Nested ListView
How to use IXFEntityExtension for Many to Many
How to Use Popup Container Show Action
How to use Xafari in existing xaf application
How to Use Xafari Numerator for custom numbering
How to use XafariApplicationContext.WindowsService
How to: Disable/Set WinSetMinimumSizeController
How use Enum Property Editor values
How used XPWeakReferenceStruct
HTML5 Export
HTML5 Pivot Table 5.7.150 Trial edition
Hyperlink Property Editor and UrlEncode
I am looking for a licensing solution
iHierarchyNode doesn't compile after upgrade
Implementing IUserBrances
Implementing OptimizedControllersCreation
Import is not working while we use filter
Import MDX into Pivot Table
Info panel in Tabbed view
insert new record in Appearance Rules Exception
Installing OLAP HTML 5
instructions for xcopy deployment to server
Integrating HTML5 into ASP application
Integrating HTML5 into ASP application
invalid extention for download of 14.1.605.4 build
InvalidOperationException Audit Controller
Is it possible to get a copy of the source code?
Is it possible to get a copy of the source code?
Issue with DockPanels and Tabbed MDI
Issues with Type Permissions using Xafari Security
Items are not displayed after update
Key Not Found exception with Managed Operation
know more sales price list of demo application
Latest Devexpress Version
Layout of the XafariSecuritySystemRoleDetailView
Layout Renders odd in Ranet HTML5
Licence Question
Licence Question
License for the Xafari Framework
license key
Limit simultaneously running ManagedOp?
Limitation in the Download Feature
Link to broken
Listview refresh after managedoperation execution
Localization of Exception form
LogicController and Actions?
LogicController was not activated
Login info of Xafari Demo
Make the WizardAction popup window resizable
Managed vs Business explanation
Mass Edit in DataView
Mass edit special editor
Mdx query issue
Menu Arms sample needed
Message Object Text Blank after Upgrading on Web
Missing Branches Documentation
Missing Link in Xafari Documentation
ModelDifferences not working
modeleditor error when using Xafari
ModelHelper.cs class
More Xafari Features Videos on Youtube
Moving to Html5 client from Silverlight
Multiple Selection
MultiThreaded ObjectSpace for Console App???
MVC dependency Missing
MVC errors like 'There is already node with Id ..'
MVC transition
my ticket was closed but you didn't give an answer
Need a 15.2.5 version.....
Need new version of Xafari
New button missing in master-detail view
New Web Project causes exception
No message or alert is displaying when no data
No Samples installed on trial Ve3rsion
No Xafari Controls Available
Northwind.DC Sample not working
Not enough references for EntityFramework orm as most samples/guides use DC or XPO
NuGet failed to download Xafari MVC v.
Oid field on a DC inherited from XafariObject
OLAP sources - gulpfile.js
On Ranet Pivot with relational Data
Online examples & documentation not matching demo code provided with framework
Online help
Open Model Designer DetailView Layout Exception
Operation tracelog
Oracle Connection 18.1.5
Password Strength and Expiry
Payroll Process (ERP )
Period Filter Bug?
period filter default value affects the new object
Period Filter stops working in upgrade
PeriodFilterAction period refresh problem
Please activate Xafari Framework license
Please, make 14.1.6 build
Please, make 14.1.7 build
Please, make 15.1.5 build
Please, make Devexpress 16.1.11-base build
Problem activating product
Problem with Customize Localization
Problem with license again
Problem with sending email to clientservices
Project example of Xafari.Mvc
ProtectedContent + Branch
Public and User Report
Purchase Ranet OLAP
Query result in label or text box
Question 2 about Dock Panels
Question about AppModule
Question about checkAction
Question about Dock Panels
Questions about dock panels for the web projects
Ranet HTML5: Disable default dimension total
Ranet OLAP - Demo - connecting database fails
Ranet OLAP HTML PivotTable Page
Ranet Olap-Drill Through
RanetOlap Cron task
RanetOlap HTML Top N
Range level filtration for dimensions -RANET Tool
Ready made XAF Application For Sale
Real Word Database app request
Reduce cursor flickering on AutoRefresh/ManagedOp?
Refresh listView after ManagedOperation execution
Reg. RANET Features
Reg. RANET OLAP Connection
Regarding Export to excel functionality
Registered as entity Nom du paramètre : entityType
Remove Button "change Branch"
Remove Dynamic Properties from SimpleAction
Remove Header Band in Wizard
Remove/Disable CloseButton on a Dock Panel
Reports cant be viewed (HTML5 report viewer)
Reports Feature Question (Convert Amount to Words)
Run Demo Project
RunCmd not Setting Exit Code for SQL Agent
Samples Cannot be run
Save Report
Scheduler view remains readonly
Session timeout for connecting database (RANET)
Settings update does not work
SettingsAccessor SetValue
SettingsGroups in SettingsObject_DetailView_User
Slow performance northwind DC win app
SmartDesignStrategy Questions
Some questions about WizardAction
Sort feature in Ranet Pivot Table for HTML5
Source code
Source code
Source code
Source Code
Source Code
Source code 18.2.4
Source code 18.2.5
step by step create project
Tabbed Detail View behaivior
Test ticket
Text language for "Close All" of panels menu
the plan about update to version 17.2?
To connect to my local cube in Ranet Analytics
To incorporate google map in our XAF app
TopReturnedObjects immediately work
TopReturnedObjects lead to error
Total Order Details
Translation of labels
trial version
Try to use branches
Try XAfari for ASP.NET MVC Visual C#
two "New" buttons EnableARMs=false
Unable to install Toolbox with latest version
Unable to run the demo application
Upgrade from 18.1.7 to 18.2.5 problem
Upgrading Builds
Urgent : Error after update to version 14.2.4
UsePager ASPxXafariGridListEditor Not Working
Using Branch With XPO
Using Dock Panels in Tabbed MDI
Using DockPanel in Master-Detail
Using LogocControler
Using PersistentNotesSupport
using RunCMD.exe
Using the Wizard from a Nested View
v16.1.7 version
v17.1 adaptaple Xafari
validate the property on lostfocus
Verical Grid Exception
version 14.2 exeption
Version 18.2
version for 18.1.5
Version Update
Vertical ARM Web Template
WEB App crash after 14.2.507.122
Web Multi Tenant SaaS Application
Web wizard
WebWizard Template missing HiddenField
What happen if my 1 year sub expired ?
What is the status of the new Update for 18.2
What modules does XAFARI ship with? What does it include?
What's its use of AliveTypesViewController?
What's new in 16.2.3010.994
When Xafari build 14.1 will be released?
Win and Web version editors
Windows AD/domain login - permissions
Winforms Not Compatible with Xafari
WinTabbedEditor DefaultTab Property
Wizard and NonPersistant ObjectSpace
wizard back step event
wizard conditionnally display OK button
wizard non persistent object
Wizard shows exception under special circumstance
Wizard Template Not used if custom DialogTemplate
WizardAction not able create steps automatically
Wizards for Web App
Wrong License Expiry Date
XAF 15.1.4 compatible installation
XAF bootStrap
Xafari Activation Request
Xafari and DevExpress 15.1.8?
Xafari ARM not appearing
Xafari Arms
Xafari Audit Module @ Microsoft Azure
Xafari Demo Center
Xafari DockPanels Issues
Xafari Documentation
Xafari documentation - broken link
Xafari Editors
XAFari for last XAF version
XAFari for last XAF version maintenance update
Xafari for xaf 14.2
Xafari for XAF 16.1
Xafari Framework Licensing
Xafari is not visible on the Vs 2017
Xafari Messaging Exception Change email details
Xafari MVC scalable
Xafari on existing project
Xafari Reports -- Permissions
Xafari Samples have errors
xafari samples still have errors when I run
Xafari Security
Xafari Security Based on Loggedin User
Xafari Security enhancements
Xafari Security enhancements / Deault Auth
Xafari Security enhancements IIS7/8 Authentication
Xafari Security module and middle tier app server
Xafari Server – Report Server working example
Xafari Server expansion plans
Xafari Server on TopShelf
Xafari Source Code
XAFARI Templates
Xafari Toolbox Installer breaks
Xafari update
xafari version
Xafari version conflict
Xafari.Arms.Win Error after startup WIN app
Xafari.Editors bug
Xafari.Framework-18.1.4 sources
Xafari.Framework-18.1.5 source codes
Xafari.Framework-18.1.6011.1540 Sources
Xafari.Framework-18.2.4011.2042 Sources
Xafari.Messaging.ExceptionBox Email Address
Xafari.Security.DC.DCSecurity' is obsolete:
XafariActionContainerHolder Category ID
XafariDialogController not found in Xafari.dll
XafariTreeListEditor not found in model design
XafariViewLayoutGenerator, Hierarchical data and MultipleSelection help
Xafary Stateless
xafri:can't find the demo solution and documention
XAS Error 'ShowNavigationItem'
XMLA Connection with credentials
Xpand Framework
Xpand Framework
где скачать версию xafari 15.1.908.1006
Группировка при экспорте в Excel отчет
Использование CustomNumerator
Ошибка Console app
при запуске демо центра вылетает ошибка

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