xafari framework

Xafari Framework

Xafari Framework is a set of powerful libraries that significantly extend the functionality of popular DevExpress XAF platform.

The framework includes highly functional controls that provide seamless business application development for Win, Web and MVC. Some of them are based on corresponding XAF controls and expand them, while others deliver completely new UI features, functionality, and performance enhancement.

Using Xafari lets engineers quickly create simple tools for personal use, as well as complex enterprise solutions for thousands of users. The framework supports all DevExpress XAF concepts and approaches to business applications development, allowing you to develop solutions that are powerful, fast, and efficient.

ranet olap

Ranet OLAP

Ranet OLAP is a set of rich OLAP data analysis controls that give you an all-in-one instrument for quick data analysis and reporting. Connect it easily to your OLAP cube data and start creating interactive reports of any complexity in an instant, without having any IT skills and experience. User-friendly UI lets you design and generate your reports by just dragging and dropping elements on the screen.

Ranet OLAP business intelligence analysis tool offers prompt and accurate multidimensional data processing for your Web and Win applications, in all browsers and on all devices. It provides business owners and analysts with deep insights into their company’s data, and engineers – with tools to create high-functionality BI applications.
Here you can find more information about OLAP technology.

Ranet Analytics

Ranet Analytics provides users with interactive dashboards for effective data analysis. This powerful business intelligence tool lets analysts understand their business data better by means of data visualization.

It uses ad hoc reports, diagrams, graphs, animated graphics and other visual elements and BI instruments that help employees in business analysis, reporting, planning, forecasting, and modeling. It does not require any technical skills from users and has an easy and user-friendly interface, allowing them to start creating dashboards and other necessary BI instruments without any special training.

It can be used as a ready business intelligence tool or can be embedded in your application and customized to its visual theme and logic.

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