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Xafari business platform is intended to develop powerful B2B applications. Our framework is based on state-of-the-art DevExpress XAF platform

Xafari MVC

Xafari MVC is a set of tools allowing engineers to develop complete XAF applications based on MVC platform

Xafari Dock Panels module allows any XAF application to use both Dock Panels and ASPxDockPanel DevExpress controls

Xafari Xtra Editors

Xafari Xtra Editors extend Devexpress XAF application capabilities and introduce the set of Custom Property and List Editors

Ranet OLAP

Ranet OLAP Pivot Table provides engineers with tools to create rich BI applications able to process and analyze multidimensional OLAP data

Ranet Analytics

Ranet Analytics module allows to develop Dashboards and provides employees with Business Intelligence (BI) tools.
Both analysis tools and finished reports are available via the web access

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Our professionals perform quality work quickly and at a reasonable price, completing high-quality custom development of business applications based on the latest and reliable Microsoft technologies: .NET Framework, SQL Server, MVC and Entity Framework etc.

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Our support team is ready to answer all your questions. We usually answer all the tickets and questions within 24 hours.

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Detailed documentation is available for every product.

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Companies from all around the world are our clientele. There are companies included into the Fortune Global 500 list among them.

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