Software development services for IMMERGE (from 31 May to 21 July 2017)




Feature/Requirement/Story/Task/Bug #DaysHours
2374/4546/4565/4567 CDDE: Error while testing Payable Plan Rules while for Office Field Comp Plans.0,060,48
2374/4546/4565/4572 Field Comp Plan Ledger Entries not being created.0,312,48
2374/4546/4565/4567/4583 Update DB, setup solution.0,131,04
2374/4546/4565/4567/4584 Bug stable reproduction.0,131,04
2374/4546/4565/4567/4585 Working on Bug #4567.0,564,48
3281/4589 Error: Receive error message when password reset selected on VIPR web0,131,04
4604 CDDE: Engine Enhancements0,322,56
4612 CDDE: Field Comp Plan Chargeback ledger entries not being created0,060,48
4612/4616 Researching of the bug cause.0,252,00
4612/4617 Fix 4612.0,322,56
4540/4552 Working on Feature #4540.0,564,48
4597/4602/4621 CDDE: Add Referral to Payable Plans0,131,04
4597/4602/4621/4632 Working on Req #4621.0,372,96
4597/4602/4626 CDDE: Update Engine to make Field Comp ledger entries for Recruiters0,060,48
4597/4602/4626/4634 Working on Req #4626.0,443,52
4597/4602/4623/4633 Working on Bug #4623.0,191,52
4602 CDDE: 4631 Clarification, discussion, design, estimation.0,262,08
4597/4602/4622/4639 Working on Req #4622.0,131,04
4597/4602/4624/4640 Working on Req #4624.0,060,48
4597/4598/4649 CDDE: Error while trying to Create Payable and Field Comp Plan Chargedback Ledger Entries.0,191,52
4597/4598/4657/4660 Working on Bug #4657.0,131,04
4597/4598/4648/4650 Working on Bug #4648.0,191,52
4597/4598/4666 CDDE: Payee Type set incorrectly for National Consultant, Senior National Consultant IBOs on Ledger.0,252,00
4597/4598/4666/4672 Working on Bug #4666.0,060,48
4597/4598/4665/4671 Working on Bug #4665.0,252,00
4597/4598/4665 CDDE: Bug: Chargedback Ledger Entries not being created for Field Comp Plan Chargedback Rule.0,191,52
4597/4598/4675 CDDE: FieldCompPlan Chargedback Ledger Entries creating 2 Chargedback Ledger Entries for the Same Payee for the Same Rate.0,191,52
4597/4598/4675/4695 Working on Bug #4675.0,191,52
4597/4602/4622/4680/4699 Working on Task #4680.0,574,56
4597/4604/4674 CDDE: Need to filter the PayFile based on the PayWeekEnding Selected For Receivable Plan Rules.0,131,04
4597/4598 CDDE: Additional Commissions Testing.0,060,48
4597/4602 CDDE: Plan Enhancements.0,060,48
4540 CDDE: Address Object: AutoComplete Property Editor.0,322,56
4544 CDDE: Custom DataSource for XtraReports to support SSAS.0,131,04
4547 CDDE: Custom Audit trail module using SQL Temporal tables.0,060,48
4540/4726 Data conversions on server side: researching, implementation.0,383,04
4540/4732 Issue: value setting/parsing in text box.0,191,52
4540/4733 Issue: geocoder does not use street in address.0,191,52
4720 CDDE: Deployment Best Practices: Run Message Server and JobScheduler as a Windows Service0,685,44
4597/4532/4601 CDDE: Product Change Enhancements0,514,08
4597/4532/4601/4749 Working on Req. #4601.0,443,52
4597/4532/4601/4764 Testing, commiting Req. #4601.0,131,04
4597/4598/4762 CDDE: Testing in Production receive error while running rules for SafeLink Receivable.0,060,48
4597/4598/4762/4763 Working on Bug #4762.0,060,48
4720/4769 Researching for Feature #4720.0,383,04
4597/4604/4674/4749/4798 Working on Req. #4674.0,131,04
4597/4604/4791 CDDE: Engine is not finding Previous Ledger Entries for an Order and is creating incorrect ledger entries.0,191,52
4597/4604/4791/4792 Need to add a link to Ledger Entries through Sales Order.0,383,04
4597/4604/4791/4859 Bug #4791 reasons researching, code reviewing.0,252,00
4720/4878/4880 Message handling by service: testing, implementation.0,695,52
4720/4878/4882 Service logging.0,060,48
3051/4885/4896 DB updating, researching 4885.0,131,04
3051/4885 CDDE: Update to Engine Payable Plan Detail Selection.0,635,04
3051/4885/4895 Working on Req. #4885.0,383,04
3051/4885/4897 Fixing issues in FieldCompPlan PayeeType logic.0,383,04
3051/4885/4895/4899 Working on Req. #4885: testing, commiting.0,252,00
3051/4885/4893/4898 Working on Bug #4893.0,060,48
3051/4886/4902 Working on Req. #4886.0,383,04
3051/4886 CDDE: Update to Engine Field Comp Plan Detail Selection.0,131,04
3051/4886/4894/4901 Working on Change Request #4894.0,191,52
4720/4878 CDDE Implement Xafari Server service.0,120,96
Total SUM: 118,48h x 40$ = 4739,2



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