Software development services for IMMERGE (from 22. Jul to 31. Aug 2017)



Feature/Requirement/Story/Task/Bug #DaysHours
4919/4935 Researching, reproducing Bug #4919.0,252,00
2374/4546/4565/4567/4936/4937 Researching, profiling for Req.#4936.1,29,60
2374/4546/4565/4567/4936 CDDE: Performance improvements for Engine.0,554,40
4923 CDDE: For the negative payment amount for the NegativeAdjustment-ProductChange, it is charging back the current product rate, not the amount that was paid out orinially1,4411,52
4923/4932 Working on Bug #4923.1,149,12
4919 CDDE: For Payable Plan Tier Selection, IBO had 2400 Payable sales, did not create Ledger entries.0,191,52
4920 Enhance sales Counter Logic for Tier Attainment0,312,48
2374/4546/4565/4567/4936/4938 Working on Req.#4936.1,5712,56
4597/4603 CDDE: IBO Prelim Storage Object Enhancements.1,018,08
4597/4598/5012 CDDE: Error while testing Field Comp Plan (Plan Management) Rules Processing0,060,48
4597/4598/5012/5015 Working on Bug #5012.0,060,48
5020/5025 Working on Bug #5020.0,131,04
5020/5029 Reviewing, testing, debugging for bug 5020.0,191,52
5020 CDDE: Bug with creating Pending Ledger Entries for Field Comp Rule Processing.0,060,48
4597/4603/5026 Adding UI for PayeeTypes.0,191,52
4597/4603/5027 Reviewing code, researching for feature 4603.0,131,04
4597/4603/5028 Updating GeneratePrelimOperation.0,514,08
4597/4603/5036 Testing, commiting, DB updating for GeneratePrelimOperation.0,312,48
4720/4878 CDDE: Implement Xafari Server service.0,060,48
4720/4878/4883 Service configuration.0,54,00
4720/4878/4880 Message handling by service: testing, implementation.0,252,00
4720/4879 CDDE: Implement Quartz scheduler service.0,241,92
4720/4878/4881 Correct start/stop of service.0,252,00
4720/4879/5058 Confiqure, testing Quartz Server Service.0,443,52
5070/5073 Working on Bug #5070.0,131,04
5070/5072 Starting Web app, generating prelims.0,191,52
4720/5074 CDDE: Add execution of commissions operations on Xafari Server Service.0,453,60
4720/5074/5075 Researching, code reviewing.0,131,04
4720/5074/5076 Adding Rules processing operation handler on Xafari Server.0,131,04
4720/5074/5077 Adding GeneratePrelims operation handler on Xafari Server.0,060,48
4720/5074/5078 Testing services, reviewing and fixing code, commiting.0,191,52
4720/5074/5079 Fixing Prelims does not processed correctly on server.0,453,60
5082 CDDE: For Field Comp Chargebacks, look up sales rep assignment that is selected during import action and chargeback that person.0,312,48
5086 CDDE: Move AlertLogicController to Service.0,060,48
5087 CDDE: Allow a Payee to be on a Payable Plan more than 1 time if they have a differenct Payee Type0,060,48
5099/5100 Working on Bug #5099.0,252,00
5099 CDDE: After first selection of PayeeTypes for "Generate Pay Statements" operation, Link and Unlink actions are hidden.0,060,48
5098/5113 Starting Web App.0,131,04
5098/5112 Researching, testing, code reviewing for Change Request #5098.0,191,52
5098 CDDE: Update to New Field Comp Plan Action pg 3 tiers Min Max Qty validation on website.0,191,52
5087/5109 Working on Change Request #5087.0,191,52
5087 CDDE: Allow a Payee to be on a Payable Plan more than 1 time if they have a different Payee Type0,060,48
5106/5111 Working on Bug #5106.0,252,00
5106 CDDE: Bug: On Pg. 4 of the New Field Comp Plan Action, Filtering the offices/salesrepassignments by IBO and Client is not working.0,060,48
5098/5110 Working on Change Request #5098.0,312,48
5115/5117 Working on Bug #5115.0,312,48
5115 CDDE: Office Hierarchy - Rep Transfer Issue - IBO Role.0,060,48
5118 CDDE: Security not showing Client and Statement WeekEnding in Pay Statement Storage Object.0,252,00
5138 CDDE: Update engine to not create override rates for Sales Rep's Persons who are also Junior Partners.0,120,96
5138/5139 Working on Change Request #5138.0,131,04
Total SUM: 126,08h x 40$ = 5043$


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