Ranet Pivot Table HTML

What's New

New Design

Ranet HTML Pivot Table now has a new modern look and feel.
The new toolbar makes it easier to navigate through user commands. A special bottom toolbar helps to manage multi-page reports. Updated extensions dialog window enables more efficient work with charts and maps.


Pivot Table Sorting

The new version of Ranet HTML Pivot Table allows the users to sort the data in rows or columns using the context menu. The data can be sorted by caption or property, in ascending or descending order.



DrillThrough is now available through the cell context menu. It allows Ranet users to retrieve and view all values used to calculate the data in a particular cell.
DrillThrough results can be exported to Excel.


Pie Charts. Multi-Charts

Ranet HTML Pivot Table has a new option for data visualization - pie charts. Pie charts are always shown as multi-charts (a table of charts). Users can create tables of charts for other extension types, as well as create custom series to manually pick the data shown on the charts.


Actions Support in Charts

Starting from version 5.7.150, charts support several basic pivot table actions, namely:

  • Drill Down
  • Drill Down by...
  • Drill Down with the parent

Report Export/Import

Ranet HTML Pivot Table has new options for report export/import:

  • Saving reports to URLs and seeing them in the browser via URL.
  • Saving reports as XML files with an option to upload locally stored XML files to Ranet.

Member Choice Filter

A new Member Choice filter allows Ranet OLAP users to search and select cube members that should be shown in the pivot table. Users can also see selected cube members' properties in a special window.

Read more details about new features in the latest build of Ranet HTML Pivot Table in our blog.
For the complete list of new features and fixed bugs, refer to the build's release notes.

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