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Release History


What If Analysis in Ranet OLAP Pivot Table

Ranet OLAP Pivot Table allows users to not only analyze actual data for reporting, planning, and budgeting but also perform what-if analysis for studying different scenarios by changing values in the pivot table and seeing how they influence the cube data. This...

Integrating Ranet UI in a WinForms Application

Ranet UI 3.7 was developed for WPF and Silverlight frameworks but can also be used in Windows Forms applications. In this post, we will show how to integrate its components in a WinForms application as exemplified by integrating Dynamic Pivot Grid Control using Visual...

Overriding Ranet Pivot Table Backend Using API

Last week, we wrote how to configure the front-end of Ranet OLAP Pivot Table for HTML. Now, let’s talk about overriding the backend of the solution. Ranet OLAP Pivot Table provides API for working with the server code. WebApi controllers are an intermediate link...