Release History

Ranet UI 3.7.384

March 13, 2017

Ranet UI 3.7.346

November 17, 2016

Ranet UI 3.7.288

August 05, 2016


New in Ranet OLAP for HTML 5.7.150. Pivot Charts

Ranet OLAP HTML Pivot Table provides options for visualizing data in the pivot table using pivot charts and heat maps. You can read about heat maps in one of our older blog posts. Now, let’s overview the functionality of Ranet pivot charts. Setting up a pivot chart in...

Ranet for HTML 5.7.150. Sorting Data in the Pivot Table

Data sorting is an integral part of data analysis. It is incremental in helping users find, order and manage the information they need when working with large amounts of data. Ranet OLAP users now have an opportunity to set up and apply data sorting for rows, columns...

What’s New in Ranet HTML Pivot Table 5.7.150

New Ranet HTML Pivot Table 5.7.150 is released and available for download. For this version, we focused on improving several functional areas of the tool, such as: More intuitive design; More options to manipulate (sort, filter, etc.) data in the pivot table; Better...