Ranet OLAP UI for WPF/Silverlight

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OLAP Basics. Overview of Online Analytical Processing Technology

What is Online Analytical Processing?   OLAP definition Online Analytical Processing, or OLAP, is a computer processing technology that allows rapid execution of complex analytical queries. It is an important part of business intelligence, providing powerful...

Member Group Modes In Ranet OLAP UI For WPF

As you know, the data in OLAP cubes has a multilevel hierarchical structure. This form of data representation is easy and comprehensible for humans. However, when the client application receives it from the OLAP data source, it is transformed into a flat table....

Using Sparklines in Ranet OLAP UI for WPF

We have already written about sparklines in one of our previous posts. Now let’s see how one can create and use sparklines in the dynamic pivot table control of WPF and Silverlight versions of Ranet OLAP. In terms of Ranet OLAP, a sparkline is one of the format string...

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