Ranet OLAP pivot table sorting option includes commands for sorting data in ascending and/or descending order. Users can additionally configure sorting parameters. Sorting can be applied to a row area, column area, or data area in the pivot table.

Sort Options allow to sort rows (Rows Sort) or columns (Columns Sort) in the pivot table:

  • Based on the main properties of a dimension member (KEY0, Caption) - Sort By Property
  • Based on the current data context - Sort By Row (Columns) Context
ranet olap sorting settings

Figure 1. Ranet OLAP pivot table sorting settings.

In this example, [Date].[Calendar] hierarchy columns are not sorted in the client workstation (they are displayed in the order as arranged as a result of an MDX query). Hierarchy [Sales Territory].[ Sales Territory] is arranged in the ascending order, and hierarchy [Measures] is arranged in the descending order. Rows are arranged in the ascending order.

ranet pivot table sorting result

Figure 2. Result of the sorting settings.

The sorting is done on the client workstation.

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