Ranet OLAP UI for WPF/Silverlight

Release History

Ranet OLAP UI for WPF/SL 3.7.288

August 05, 2016

All Controls

  • The black foreground at MDX query area after applying Dark Theme
  • Dark Theme
  • OlapDataService double zip query result fixed
  • SessionCommandProvider: throw null exception fixed
  • Window owner fixed

Dynamic Pivot Table

  • CalcMemberControl. Added ability to clear selected items
  • 1Checking on imported file type
  • 1Display MDX query from layout
  • 1The PMD in the MDX query displays the current request, rather than the original
  • Filtering the metadata for DPG
  • Fixed exception after cube changes
  • OutOfMemory exception handling MDX text box refactoring

Simple Pivot Table

  • DrillThroughControl excel export implemented in WPF
  • Added connection validation at ConnectionEditorControl
  • 1Not saved the settings for the intermediate colors in DataBar
  • Changed CellConditionControl (Split into two columns Cell Options)
  • InvalidOperationException fixed in ImageChoice
  • PivotGrid column width estimation fixed
  • PivotGridControl: row area scroll fixed MemberChoice refactoring

Member Choice

  • Added ability to select and exclude found elements. MemberChoiceControl
  • Exception when attempting to re-open the Filter Settings dialog
  • Fixed bug with generation NotContain filter
  • Fixed Cube / Dimension / Hierarchy / Level choice popups
  • Fixed error regarding MemberChoices
  • HeadFilter removed MemberChoice select visible refactoring
  • LevelFilterBuilder: fixed MeasureChoiceDropDown for WPF
  • MemberChoice: select visible implemented
  • MemberChoiceControl Export / Import

KPI Viewer

  • Duplicated KPI

Gauge Controls

  • Gauge Added middle sector

DatePicker Controls

  • Refactored, changed functional logic at DatePickerCtrl
  • DateTime parser format is changed

Slicer Controls

  • Initialization SlicerControl without header
  • SlicerControl TextTrimming (...)

Server Explorer Controls

  • Wrong order in dimensions.
  • Example with filters on metadata
  • Changed description view and added labels to HierarchyMetadataFiltered


  • Cube validation was changed

MDX Query Builder

  • Generate MDX on Tab item (context menu) is fixed
  • QueryBuilder kinds refactoring


  • Gauge and PivotGrid Integration
  • application crashes
  • Changed data for slice control at demo center example
  • Connection for Tabular models
  • Downloaded DemoModule build fixed
  • Fixed cube validation at configuration window
  • Fixed demo center installer
  • In examples added initializing by default
  • Refined Slider, Member, Measure Choice
  • Updated example for PivotGrid
  • Updated examples for DataPicker and UPG


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