Ranet OLAP UI for WPF/Silverlight
Release History

Ranet OLAP UI for WPF/SL 3.7.384

March 13, 2017


Cube Actions

  • Cube Actions support for elements in Row/Columns areas is implemented
  • Support for URL-type actions is implemented (Cube Actions)


  • An example of setting a user context menu in the pivot table
  • Example of cube data filtering in the DPG
  • Example of control initialization in different modes in PMD
  • Completed DPG initialization by Tuple
  • Completed DPG initialization by LayoutWrapper object


  • XML export doesn't work for reports with one results row (no columns in the Row area settings)
  • Report settings don't transfer from folder to folder

Pivot Table

  • The pivot table stutters during scrolling if cell values contain large rows
  • When KPI is dragged to PivotMdxDesigner (PMD), MDX is not generated and the pivot table is not updated
  • Poor support for the dark theme for text block column names in the Datagrid
  • The tree for measure choice is formed slowly when sorting is applied to the pivot table
  • The cell area in the pivot table is highlighted randomly when the focal point is changed
  • Slice coordinates in the Copy Value dialogue are formed incorrectly in the pivot table (no list is shown)

Pivot Table Designer

  • The icon for the calculated measure in the data area of the pivot table designer choice panel is shown incorrectly
  • When a column is deleted from the choice panel of the pivot grid designer, the active filters area is updated incorrectly (Null reference exception fixed)


  • Can't filter dimension elements in the metadata tree (the setup Subcube is lost)
  • Each filter setting is formed as a separated subcube when an MDX request is generated
  • The label filter for NotBeginWith (LabelFilterTypes.NotBeginWith) doesn't work

Cube Actions

  • Upon opening the context menu for the cell area of the pivot table repeatedly, actions in the Cube Actions command group are duplicated
  • Incorrect processing of Cube Actions command group divider in the pivot table context menu


  • CalculationInfoBase has been expanded with Caption, ParentHier, and ParentMember
  • Incorrect calculation of IsCalculated (MEMBER_TYPE property has to be analyzed)
  • Redundant square brackets for nonEmptyBehaviors collection elements in custom calculations settings when an MDX request is generated


  • Drilldown in the pivot table context menu works like Drilldown with the parent
  • Gauge doesn't show the pivot table data
  • NullReferenceException when switching between themes in the demo


  • Excel export error
  • Incorrect separator processing (can be selected) in the Split button menu
  • Can’t initialize StorageManager from DynamicPivotGrid (DPG), instead, a new one is created in the style editor
  • Sparkline shows the data incorrectly (incorrect transformation of the value type)

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