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TopReturnedObjects immediately work

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I have two objects:category and product.see picture 001.png.
In product lookup listview, I can filter products by category.
and I have three buttons:top3,allItems,ShowHideCategory. seepicture 002.png.
I want top3 button can set the TopReturnedObjects=3,
allItems button can set the TopReturnedObjects=0,
ShowHideCategory can control the master dockpanel category Show or Hide.

the question is:
I set the TopReturnedObjects=3, but it can not immediately effect the data, only next time it shows top 3 objects.
I want after I set the TopReturnedObjects=3, the view immediatedly refresh data.
see picture 003.png. 004.png.

for ShowHide dockpanel:
I set the dockPanel visisbility=visible and hope the dockpanel show immediately.If set visibility=Hide,the dockpanel hide immediately.
pls help me how to set?
see picture 005.png

my solution is solution8.rar.

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