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I created my XPO classess from a sample existing SQL server database, just OrderHEader and OrderDetail class. I decorated with [DefaultClassOptions] so I can see them in the Navigation at the left, and looks fine when I ran the sample Xafari Application (I built it with xafari Applciation Wizard) . When I tried to implement the Xafari Security I am required to Log on With Standard and Windows, Here is the problem, When I choose Standard nothing is displayed on the navigation at the left, My second option is to choose standard, I am now required to enter the password, what is the password then because it is a new application and I never entered a password yet? I wanted to go back to the XAF default security but I want to know What is the main advantage of using the Xafari Security? Thanks very much!


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Just a Follow up, How do I display the Security Settings Like the Roles, Users etc. It is by default available in the Xaf Security. Thanks!

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Thank you for the ticket.
We are going to investigate it and prepare additional information for you. Give us some time.

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