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We have stopped supporting Xafari Dock Panels as a stand-alone product.

We will continue shipping it as a component of Xafari Framework.

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Xafari Dock Panels

is a solution to improve the ergonomics of the user interface of XAF-application.

Xafari Dock Panels module allows XAF applications to use both Dock Panels and ASPxDockPanel DevExpress controls.

Features of Xafari Dock Panels module

Additional Views

Xafari Dock Panels is a XAF View container which supports the docking and auto-hide functionality. This solution allows to work simultaneously with the main View and several additional Views. End-users can move any Dock Panel within particular areas and it can either be docked to a dock zone or made to float.

Win and Web platforms

Xafari Dock Panels functionality is available for both Windows Forms Application and for ASP.NET Web Application. Platform-specific features are implemented by Xafari Dock Panels Win Module and Xafari Dock Panels Web Module, respectively.

Master-Detail relationship

When displaying the data, the Dock Panels module respects the relationships between the business objects. User can set Master-Detail relation between the Dock Panel View and the parent View. The current object of the Dock Panel View may be used as a filter for the parent View and vice versa.

Easy customizable

Adding and customization of Dock Panels is perfomed completely in the Application Model. The user can complicate any View by using Dock Panels module; it does not affect custom configurations made for this View in the Application Model. Such containers may accompany a business object, object View or the main window. Any Dock Panel can be flexibly customized via the Application Model. There are many settings available, such as ActionsToolbarVisibility, DockVisibility, TargetWindowType, etc.