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We have stopped supporting Xafari Xtra Editors as a stand-alone product.

We will continue shipping it as a component of Xafari Framework.

Xafari Xtra Editors

The line of custom Property and List Editors to extend XAF application capabilities.

Xafari Xtra Editors

Extensive experience in the XAF-application development ensures the practicality, usability, reliability.

New Property Editors

New List Editors



Property Editors

Folder Browser

displays string properties that represent folder path; uses FolderBrowserDialog control to select the folder.

Hyper Link

displays string properties containing hyperlinks in URI format; mouse click activates the link.


displays string properties with LabelControl making the data look as static text.

View Id

edits the strings storing ViewId value; all available Views, types, and captions are shown in a dropdown list


is intented for using DevExpress Expression string; the user can create such string visually at runtime, validate and debug it, navigate through metadata, use operators, functions, constants, and XAF parameters.

Progress Bar

displays the current value as a percentage via the progress bar.

Type Image

is derived from standard Type Property Editor; displays the icon for the type defined in the Application Model.


is used for Enum properties with FlagsAttribute; the user can check the values via the CheckedComboBox or CheckedListBox controls.

Tabbed Detail

displays the groups of hierarchical tabs and NestedFrame; tabs allow to change the Detail Views displayed in the NestedFrame. The idea is that the object properties are apportioned among several Detail Views.

Vertical Grid

displays an object using VGridControl.

ASPx Group

displays the group of properties in Edit mode when Detail View works in View Mode.

ASPx Quick Choice

is an alternative to the standard ASPx Lookup Property Editor and is used for fast searching by key fields without displaying additional popup windows.

Xafari Multiple Lookup

allows to select any required items in the dropdown List View at once, displays all selected objects in one string; it results in compact layout of data in Detail View.

ASPx Google Maps

is intended for the properties of Xafari.Base .GeoPoint type displaying the location of a business object on the Google map.

Object Set

is intended for the properties of Xafari.ObjectSet<> type providing the ability to work with a set of selected objects (ObjectSet).

List Editors

Xafari Grid

complements standard Grid List Editor: Win version supports Multiple Selection by Check Boxes, Web version supports Web Editors Templates.

Xafari Tree

displays objects that implement IHierarchyNode interface: Win version supports Multiple Selection by Check Boxes, Web version supports Web Editors Templates.


displays objects that implement IHierarchyNode interface providing more features for hierarchical data and higher performance. List Editor visually looks like Windows Explorer (therefore the name).

Hierarchy Node

displays objects implementing IHierarchyNode interface, supports multiply hierarchies, allows the user to change the subordination using Drag-and-Drop functionality at runtime.

ASPx Card

displays a list of data as a matrix, uses a special additional Detail View to define the layout of the properties within the cells of the matrix.

Web Editors Templates

Web Editors Templates

is a special technology for Web editors that allows to change the design of the editor quickly and easily. To do it, the developer creates a Template (ASP—Ö User Control) and refers to it in the Application Model.