ASPx Google Maps Property Editor

Used for Xafari.Base.GeoPoint type properties to save and display location on the Google map.

The following code snippet demonstrates GeoPointContainer business class that includes several GeoPoint type properties (Point, DemoZoomPoint and DemoMapTypeIdPoint).

GeoPoint type properties are decorated with ValueConverter attribute. Set value of this attribute to GeoPointConverter.

The code behind demonstrates GeoPointConverter class:

Then add controller GoogleMapsViewController that attaches javascript to the Web application. The code of this controller is demonstrated behind.

To use ASPx Google Maps Property Editor invoke Model Editor and focus the corresponding BOModel|Class|OwnMembers|Member node, set PropertyEditorType property to the ASPxGoogleMapsPropertyEditor value.

ASPx Google Maps Property Editor

Run the Web application. Select the appropriate item in the navigation control and click the New Action. In the invoked Detail View you can view properties which are displayed by ASPx Google Maps Property Editor. If you change latitude or longitude value, point changes location.

ASPx Google Maps Property Editor