Business Numerators

In some cases, property values of persistent type objects are dependable on the sequential number. The numerator service of the Xafari business platform allows automated generation of such values when a new object is created. The use of the service simplifies user's work and reduces the probability of entering erroneous data.

Simple scenarios of numerators usage can be configured both in the application development phase and during the application deployment. It is possible to configure an initial value and step for the numerator's index.

Numerator contains the Template feature enabling format configuration for a field. The value of a new object property can be generated according to a template. The template is developed following Xafari Object Formatter rules. It's possible to substitute different parameters, navigation based on a numerated object properties, etc., into the template. The current index can be substituted too. The index can be formatted in accordance with the numbers formatting rules.

The service provides a Through Numeration possibility that can be used for successive enumeration of objects of different types. E.g., one sequence of numbers can be used for all outgoing documents, such as waybills, pay sheets, etc.

Numbers of deleted objects can be reused. It means that all numbers of the numerator will be used. If some object was deleted, its number does not disappear; it will be used again in the next call of the numerator service.

A business application developer can create a custom numerator with specific logic based on the available numerator service. It is possible to use the numerator service outside the XAF application too.

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