Today business applications are expected to provide an effective tool for document management automation. The Docflow module of Xafari platform is a set of tools for the implementation of a fully functional document management system for XAF applications.

Xafari Docflow module has mechanisms and components delivering the life cycle description of an object or a document. The basic concept is Regulations.

Regulations describe the sequence of stages a document passes, the list and the order of the executed tasks. It’s possible to construct both “fixed” Regulations (like workflow) and “agile” Regulations, as it’s adopted in ACM (Adaptive Case Management). All information about the document collected during its life cycle is collected and aggregated.

Regulations are a subtype of the document that provides details about the document’s behavior set to implement a certain task. The system becomes adaptive and acquires robustness properties with this module (adjusts for changing and re-emerged requirements).

The configuration of behavior (Regulations) is carried out in the Application Model. It’s possible to change configuration when the system is being exploited, C# programming knowledge is not necessary for this.

Several Regulations can be associated with one object type (Domain Component). Different copies of one type can be processed by different Regulations.

To see an example of the Docflow module work refer to the figure below.

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