Xafari Explorer List Editor

Xafari platform provides a number of tools for convenient work with business objects that have tree-like hierarchical structure.

The following features are available for such objects:

  • Displaying the hierarchical structure in a List View using special editors: ASPx Explorer List Editor, Win Hierarchy Node List Editor and ASPx Hierarchy Node List Editor. ASPx Explorer List Editor is a List Editor, which displays the data hierarchy in the form of a nested folders structure.
  • Support for multiple hierarchies. A user can change the current hierarchy in the runtime.

To see the ASPx Explorer List Editor in action, refer to the figure below.

xafari explorer list editor

Explorer List Editor allows a user to focus on the work in a single node. Other nodes at this level are out of sight and do not distract the user from work.

ASPx Explorer List Editor supports of three deletion modes:

  • Default – deleting the object and all references to the object; in so doing, all child elements of the object become root elements.
  • Replacement – all child elements move up by one position in the hierarchy and end up in the parent's position when a node is deleted.
  • Cascade – deleting the object and all its child objects.

One of the following three methods can be used to check whether child elements exist:

  • Direct Database Count – makes request «Exists()» directly to the database.
  • Collection Count - obtains a collection of child elements and compares the number of elements in the collection to zero.
  • Default – Direct Database Count is used if no objects are edited, otherwise Collection Count is used.
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