Explorer List Editor | Xafari Framework

Explorer List Editor

The Xafari platform provides a number of tools for convenient work with business objects that have tree-like hierarchical structure.

The following features are available for such objects:

  • Displaying the hierarchical structure in a List View using special editors: ASP x Explorer List Editor, Win Hierarhy Node List Editor and ASP x Hierarhy Node List Editor. ASP x Explorer List Editor is a List Editor, which displays the data hierarchy in the form of a nested folders structure.
  • Support of multiple hierarchies. User can change the current hierarchy in the runtime.

To see the ASP x Explorer List Editor in action, refer to the figure below.

Explorer List Editor allows a user to focus on the work in a single node. Other nodes at this level are out of sight and do not distract the user from work.

The ASP x Explorer List Editor supports of three deletion modes:

  • Default – deleting the object and all references to the object; in so doing, all child elements of the object become root elements.
  • Replacement – all child elements move up by one position in the hierarchy and end up in the parent's position when a node is deleted.
  • Cascade – deleting the object and all its child objects.

One of the following three methods can be used to check whether child elements exist:

  • Direct Database Count – makes request «Exists()» directly to the database.
  • Collection Count - obtains a collection of child elements and compares the number of elements in the collection to zero.
  • Default – Direct Database Count is used if no objects are edited, otherwise Collection Count is used.