Group (Bulk) Edit

In the process of editing a list of objects, the following situation may occur: a property must have the same value for a number of objects. The standard solution, in this case, is to edit each object one by one. Xafari platform gives a possibility to edit groups of objects in a List View using the Bulk edit feature. A user can highlight the objects and edit the property once for the entire group. A special editor, which is displayed in a dock panel, is used to edit the common values.

The Bulk edit can be applied to objects of different types. One of the two modes can be used for this:

  • Intersect.
  • Union.

In the Intersect mode, the editor displays only properties present in each of the types. In the Union mode, all properties of all objects are displayed.

In addition to editing, the properties set up in a business class the Bulk edit support dynamic properties editing too.

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