Hierarchy Node List Editor | Xafari Framework

Hierarchy Node List Editor

The Xafari platform offers a set of tools facilitating convenient work with business objects organized using a tree-like hierarchy.
Such objects are featured with the following possibilities:

  • The hierarchy structure is displayed in a List View by means of the special editors: Win Hierarchy Node List Editor, ASP x Hierarchy Node List Editor and ASP x Explorer List Editor. Hierarchy Node List Editors are List Editors that display data in the form of a hierarchical structure.
  • Several hierarchies support. A user can change hierarchies in the runtime mode.

To see Hierarchy Node List Editors work example refer to the figures below.

The Hierarchy Node List Editorenables users to monitor a whole hierarchy in one list. There are three modes of deletion:

  • Default - deletion of an object and all references to it. All the child items become the root items.
  • Replacement - when a node is deleted, all its child elements are moved one position up in the hierarchy, taking the position of the parent item.
  • Cascade - an object is deleted with all its child items.

To detect the child items it’s possible to use one of the three ways below:

  • Derect Database Count - send the “Exists()” query to the database directly.
  • Collection Count - receives a collection of child items and compares the number of its elements to zero.
  • Default - in case none of the items is being edited, the Direct Database Count, or Collection Count in other words, is applied.