Xafari Period Struct Property Editor

A convenient tool for setting up a date filter is a must-have function for a business application when working with lists. Xafari platform includes a ready-to-use visual control allowing specification of any date range for filtering data in a List View in a XAF application.
Period Struct Property Editor
Period Struct Property Editor web

The date range for the filter can be defined by selecting the start date and the end date directly. In addition to this method, it is possible to quickly select such periods as the current year, the current quarter, the current month, the week or the day. It is possible to combine multiple selections too.
choosing interval

This control supports the use of the time period as a whole, without the need to specify the start and end dates too.
time period
In addition to the above use options, it is possible to configure a filter to extract the values related to all the dates from the beginning of the specified period till the current moment.
filter configuration

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