What’s New in Xafari 15.2.9010.523

New Major Features in x010

Major Features in x010

Breaking Changes

To learn about breaking changes in this version, please refer to the following page:
Breaking Changes in Xafari 15.2.9010.523


Xafari.Base Namespace

XafariValueManager Class

Xafari.Helpers Namespace

The IMemberInfoHelper class exposes a new GetCriteriaEqualsTo method
New Helpers to extend standard DX clases

Xafari.DC Namespace

WeakListAttribute Class for non-persistent collections

Xafari.Win Namespace

Grouping Application Model nodes by namespaces

Xafari.BC Namespace

AliveType attribute for Domain Components

Xafari.BC.DC Namespace

HierarchyNodeExt Domain Component
ISharedObject Domain Component

Dock Panels

Dock Panels support Expressions when set RelationCriteria property

Hierarchical Data

General improvements and optimization

Xafari Object Formatter

DevExpress Expressions support

Xafari Services

Memory Leaks Diagnostic Service

Business Operations

Group feature in Application Model


New Signatures functionality


Availability criteria property in the Report Template
Reports store path property for the File Reports
Separate templates filter for each report
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