Breaking Changes in Xafari 15.2.9010.523

New Major Features in x010

Major Features in x010

Enhancements and Updates

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What's New in Xafari 15.2.9010.523

Breaking Changes


AppSettings no longer uses an additional object of the Application Model.


Some classes and methods are marked as Obsolete.
The Mode property with the ServiceModes enum type is added to the IServiceSpace interface.
The support of AliveType is added to LogicControllerService.
Controllers in the modules Xafari, Xafari.Win, Xafari.Web, Xafari.BC, Xafari.Security are moved to the appropriate namespaces - Xafari.*.Controllers.
Improved logic of the Xafari.BC.DC.DisplayNameSupport domain component.

Business Components

Xafari.BC.DC.HierarchicalClassifierItem inherits from HierarchyNodeExt, the HierarchyFullName and HierarchyFullPath properties are provided by HierarchyNodeExt.
It is now possible to run managed operation in the current thread.

ERP Components

IBusinessOperationManager. Improved method signature IList<IModelBusinessOperationContext> GetContextBusinessOperationNodes(Type) -> GetContextBusinessOperationNodes().
ContextBusinessOperationHelper. The .ctor(IBusinessOperation, ICollectionCreatorFactory, IObjectSpace) constructor is removed.
It is now possible to assign users to the branch in the branch View (List or Detail).
The core functionality of business operations is moved to the Xafari.BC.dll assembly. Namespaces are not changed.
Branches functionality is a Xafari service now.
It is possible to configure Branches in XAS.

General Components

Types used to implement RunCmd console commands are moved to Xafari.BC.dll assembly. Namespace Xafari.Commands is changed to Xafari.BC.Commands.
The default base class uses entities and persistent extensions to generate Xafari.DC.XafariDCBaseObject.

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