What’s New in Xafari 14.2.507.114

New features




The possibility to use NonPersistent Collections Many-To-Many

Resolved issues


Correction of incorrect operation of the auto filter with column CheckBoxes for multiple selections. (T102.140472)
Fixed incorrect work of the editor ASPxXafariDateTimePropertyEditor. (T102.140562)
Model Objects are created for unbound columns are deleted when the method is called BreakLinksToControls (T102.14051)
resumed normal operation of the horizontal and vertical scrolling on the form WinExplorerListEditor. (T102.140355)


ASPxLookupPropertyEditor for properties such as IHierarhyNode default operating mode LookupEditorMode.Search (T102.140405)
For a key values ??to use the session object (T102.140604)
Fixed incorrect work in the designer XafariLookupEditor criteria (T102.139423)
Fixed a bug in PartialLoadListViewController using XafBandedGridView (T102.140234)
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