What’s New in Xafari 15.1.308.217 | Xafari Framework

What’s New in Xafari 15.1.308.217

New Major Features in x08

What's New x08

Breaking Changes

To learn about breaking changes in this version, please refer to the following page:
Breaking Changes in Xafari 15.1.308.217

Known Issues

To learn about known issues in this version, please refer to the following page:
Known Issues in Xafari 15.1.308.217


Xafari Services

Xafari Services is a tool to implement global business tasks

Index Numerators

Index Numerators is a special mechanism for automatic sequential numbering


Design XtraReports template via the Visual Studio (CTP)

Application Settings

Application Settings is implemented as Xafari Service

eXtension Framework

Non persistent Extensions

General aspects

More possibilities for Domain Logic implementation



Dock Panel don't store custom settings for View. (T102.143926)


GeoPoint Container Detail View not editable (T102.143976)


Xafari.BC.Tasks have unusable nodes (T102.143709)
'Comment' Action involves an exception (T102.143914)


Xafari.Utils.FilteredLocalizedClassInfoTypeConverter.GetStandardValues() method reduces performance (T102.139753)
BaseXafariPage class is not use(T102.143802)

eXtension Framework

Standart 'Clone' Action and custom code works incorrectly with Entities and Extensions (T102.141727)
If object implements IEntity, system always invoke only one Detail View for it (T102.141714)
Web application stores generated assembly in WindowsTemp Folder


Incorrect ToolboxTabName (T102.142109)
It is impossible to add to the VS toolbox Xafari components from different versions. (T102.139958)
There is not Xafari.SmartDesign module within toolbox (T102.143359)
here is not Xafari.Security.DC,Xafari.Security.XPO, Xafari.Docflow.DC,Xafari.Docflow.XPO modules within toolbox (T102.143388)