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Known Issues in Xafari 15.1.308.217

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Enhancements and Updates

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What's New in Xafari 15.1.308.217

Known Issues

To learn about known issues in this version, please refer to the following page:
Known Issues in Xafari 15.1.308.217

Breaking Changes


GetTasksByParticipant(participant, objectSpace) obsolete. You should use Participant.Tasks. (T102.143669)


Instead of Xafari.ModelDifferencesDb.XafariModelDifferenceAspect.Code use Xafari.ModelDifferencesDb.XafariModelDifference.ContextId, the property Xafari.ModelDifferencesDb.XafariModelDifferenceDbStore.Code renamed to ContextId


Numerators API has been changed

Application Settings

AppSettings API has been changed


The property Xafari.Reports.Analysis.AnalysisXafariReportBuilder.DataSource has been renamed to Xafari.Reports.Analysis.AnalysisXafariReportBuilder.ReportData
Xafari.Reports.XafariReport methods signatures have been changed (TypeXafariReport)
The property Xafari.Reports.Arm.Model.IModelArmItemReport.ShowParametersDialog has been removed
Controllers Xafari.Reports.Excel.Win.Controllers.ExcelReportDesignerController, Reports.Xaf.Win.Controllers.XafReportDesignerController have been removed
The method Xafari.Reports.Xaf.XafXafariReportTemplate.CreateNewReportData() has been changed
Type of the property Xafari.Reports.Xaf.XafXafariReportBuilder.ReportEngine has changed


The module Xafari.Security has been refactored


Classes ASPSessionAndThreadsValueManager<ValueType> and ASPSessionValueManagerHelper has been moved from Xafari.Web to Xafari.Web.Utils
The class ValueManagerHelper has been moved from the Xafari module to the Xafari.Utils module
The class XafariMultipleLookupEditor is now obsolete. Use XafariMultipleLookupPropertyEditor instead
The class Xafari.Web.SetTemplateContextViewController has been removed
The class XafariHttpRequestManager is now obsolete
The class XafariTemplateContentFactory has been added
The class Xafari.Web.Templates.BaseXafariPage has been removed


The property Xafari.Server.IMessageHandler.Key has been removed. Use Xafari.Server.IMessageHandler.MessageKey instead
Events of Xafari.Server.IMessageHandler has been renamed

Xafari.XF (eXtension Framework)

The new interface Xafari.XF.IXFRegistrator has been introduced


The enum Xafari.BC.BusinessOperations.BusinessOperationContextTypeMatchMode has been moved and renamed to Xafari.ContextTypeMatchMode
The enum Xafari.BC.BusinessOperations.ContextViewType has been moved and renamed to Xafari.ContextViewType
The class Xafari.BC.BusinessOperations.ContextViewTypeExtensions has been moved and renamed to Xafari.ContextViewTypeExtensions
The attribute Xafari.BC.BusinessOperations.Attributes.ContextPropertyAttribute has been moved and renamed to Xafari.ContextPropertyAttribute