To perform successively complex manipulations the Xafari platform offers the Wizards tool. The most vivid example of the Wizards use is the installation procedure. The Wizards implement analogous functions but considering the XAF platform peculiarities.

The key features:

  • A Wizard is an analog of the Popup Window Show Action tool. This tool offers a user to configure the parameters of an action, before this action is executed, in the form of an object properties editing. The Wizard performs the same role except that to edit an object with action parameters it’s necessary to make several consecutive steps some of which can be omitted depending on the conditions fulfillment.
  • Any Wizard can work in a popup window.
  • The Wizard’s steps are presented in the form of a Detail View for a certain object type.
  • The Wizard’s performance ends with some Action execution or a refusal to execute it.

To see an example of the Wizard tool usage refer to the figures below.

xafari wizards win
xafari wizards web

The Wizards’ mechanism is featured by the following possibilities:

  • Win and Web platforms support.
  • Three presentation templates.
  • A new Action type is used - Wizard Action, an inheritor of the Popup Window Show Action.
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