Xafari Security

User authentication technology is an integral part of the business applications security system. The security system must ensure authentication of the user making an attempt to login to the application. Xafari platform supports two authentication methods: Standard Authentication and Windows Authentication.

Standard Authentication provides access to the application basing on the username and password entered into the login window. The user is granted access to the application if the provided credentials match the respective record in the database.

Windows Authentication uses the Windows Active Dicrectory service to get the user credentials (username, password used to login to Windows). The user is granted access to the application, if an object corresponding to the specified account exists in the database.

The user authentication technology of the Xafari platform is implemented in such a manner that users specify the input method of the account credentials in the runtime mode themselves.

The system login windows, that are displayed when launching the application, are shown in the figure below.

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